Carvery comfort on a wet Sunday – the Blacksmiths Arms in Naburn

Now I must confess I am not normally a fan of a carvery. As a vegetarian they are just too meat orientated, and so much of the time the vegetables are just bland and boiled, and the potatoes have been left out to the mercy of the flies for hours. Yet sometimes on a very wet and miserable Sunday all that will hit the spot is a nice Sunday roast.  Unfortunately due to a train journey in the offing there wasn’t the time to cook one ourselves so we decided to head over to Naburn and give the carvery at the Blacksmith’s Arms a go.

We certainly weren’t the only people to have the same idea. When we arrived it was absolutely packed. Luckily there was one table left that we were told we could have although would have to vacate it by 4, not a problem as neither of us hang around when it comes to eating food.  The menu was easy to choose from, either carvery or pizza. For us vegetarians there was the choice of nut roast or a spicy bean burger, as a fan of nut roast the choice wasn’t hard so we ordered two adult carvery, and two sparkling waters.  We were then sent to sit back down along with 2 casino chips and told to wait. After barely ten minutes my nut roast appeared out of the kitchen and we were allowed up to exchange our casino chips for plates and were invited to help ourselves.


The choice of meats were either Pork, beef or gammon. My dining companion went for the gammon and thought that the two large slices he was given were lovely and succulent. Then came the fun part, the potatoes and vegetable selection, which was huge. There were mash, roast and new potatoes. There were leeks in a herby sauce, cauliflower cheese, carrot and swede mash, broccoli, green beans, peas, carrots. There was stuffing balls and of course what Sunday dinner is complete without Yorkshire Puddings and two types of gravy.

The danger with a carvery is that everything is either stale or overcooked from sitting round on the hotplate for hours. Yet this was definitely not the case here. There are three sittings for Sunday and clearly the food is replenished fresh between each one. We actually arrived mid-serving time yet the dishes on the hotplate were small and continuously being replenished with fresh food.dinner

The nut roast looked a little burnt when it arrived, but it wasn’t at all and was tasty. Yet the star of the show was definitely the vegetables. The broccoli and beans were still crunchy and delicious. The cauliflower cheese had a nice thick cheesy sauce, and the leeks were delicately flavoured. However the real star of the show for me was the mash which was made exactly as I like it tasting buttery and slightly lumpy rather than watery and bland as so much mash in restaurants tend to be.

All in all this meal absolutely hit the spot on a glum Sunday afternoon and if you are looking for a good roast with superb vegetables then this is definitely the place to try. I’d recommend booking though.

🍛 Meal for 2 with 2 sparkling waters: £28.90

🎉 My Highlight: The mashed potato and the leeks

🍛 Friend Highlight: The huge Yorkshire puddings

Overall rating:

Cand ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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