Craving cake? Check out our top 5 places to enjoy cake in York

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock (or a large piece of cake) for the last 10 weeks, you will know the Great British Bake Off 2018 final was on last night (30 October 2018). Foodie Friends have been hooked on this year’s series, but basically it has resulted in us becoming slightly obsessed with thinking about cake. As avid readers of the blog might be aware, whenever we go out for dinner we rarely have desert as we tend to get carried away and order starters, then end up too full for pudding.

However that does not stop us going out in York at other times to eat cake and drink tea (well Cand prefers coffee with her cakes, so I guess she indulges in Afternoon Coffee). Here is our round-up of our five favourite places in eat cake in York.

1. Bettys Cafe Tea Room, St Helen’s Square, York

Number one has to be the utterly beautiful Bettys York. It’s worth the queue for the exquisite cakes and the legendary afternoon tea. I am personally a lover of the light & delicate fondant fancies, whereas Cand’s favourite is the toasted teacake (not technically a cake but still!). Bettys absolutely never disappoints. Our main issue is deciding what to have as the whole menu is delicious.

2. The Grand Hotel York, Station Rise, York

Afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel York is a huge treat. With a range of delicious sandwiches and cakes including glazed lemon tartlet and chocolate and hazelnut choux pastry, you can get away with pretending you are a judge in the Bake Off tent whilst you taste your way down the silver tea stand. But of course everyone on our list deserves to be Star Baker.

3. York Cocoa House, Blake Street, York

Sadly there wasn’t a Chocolate Week this year on the Bake Off, but plenty of chocolate featured in the tent (why do they always have to do some crazy chocolate creation when it’s really hot?). Anyway when we fancy a chocolate treat, we always head straight to York Cocoa House and visit their Chocolate Cafe. From cakes to scones and biscuits to tortes, everything is handmade by the team and involves chocolate. We’ve yet to indulge in the chocolate afternoon tea (coffee for Cand) but it’s certainly on our list. The recent opening of the Cocoa Works has just doubled the choice.

4. Brew & Brownie, Museum Street, York

It is hard to resist the dazzling display of cakes on the counter when you enter Brew and Brownie, whilst really hoping there is going to be a free table as this cafe is always packed. Once you’ve secured your seats, we highly recommend a frothy cappuccino and a slice of their delicious crunchie brownie. Or if that’s sold out, any of their cakes & bakes go well with a brew – they are all scrummy.

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5. Mannion & Co, Blake Street, York

Whilst it is very tempting to go down the savoury route the minute you glance at the humongous sausage rolls on the counter in Mannions, the choice of exquisite cakes should focus you back to all things sweet. There is an amazing choice of beautiful bakes, often featuring fresh, seasonal fruit. Or if you have a really sweet tooth, you can go for a meringue that is roughly the size of your head. Who said sugar rush?

We could certainly pick more than five places in York to eat cake, but if we talk about cake for much longer we will have to run to Bettys to stock up on treats.

What places would you recommend for cake in York?


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