A trip to North Africa at Los Moros, Grape Lane, York

There are some lovely street food vendors on the Shambles Market, one of which is Los Moros a North African and Middle Eastern Street Kitchen. This little shop had repeatedly been top of trip advisor reviews in York therefore when it was announced that Los Moros was taking over the recently shut El Piano restaurant it went straight to the top of our ‘to eat’ list.

After a quick stop for a drink in firm favourite 1331 we headed off for our 8 o’clock reservation. A short wait gave us an opportunity to observe the kitchen in full flight before we were shown upstairs to our table by a very friendly member of waiting staff. Unfortunately as is often the case with York buildings, floors and walls are not straight and so tables tend to wobble. However anyone who has lived in York for any length of time is rather adept at fixing these problems so a quick folded napkin was put in place and the table was all straight.
We were given a menu straight away and as always the drinks order was easy, a bottle of red as usual. The menu was a bit trickier. It is a selection of starters, mains, small plates and sides. Unfortunately there were a couple of the side dishes that had run out, but there was still such an interesting selection that in order to try as many different tastes as possible we went for one main and a few small plates to share.
First to arrive was the spinach and feta bourek which was definitely a highlight. Two pieces of crispy pastry with a lovely blend of soft spinach and cheese with crunchy pinenuts. The rest of our order swiftly arrived. We went for the main of shakshouka which was a tomato sauce with poached eggs. Although tasty, at £10 for a main course with just two poached eggs it was quite pricy and would definitely have needed some sides to make it a meal.


The side dishes however are great value at between £3 and £4 each so to complete our tasting menu we went for aubergine dip, batata harra which were Lebanese spiced potatoes and Bluebird Bakery garlic sourdough. The aubergine dip was nice, although it came with pitta breads that were rather doughy flatbread style rather than the usual type of crispy pittas we are used to. The garlic sourdough however was lovely, two thick slices of buttery, garlicky toasted bread.

Overall the food was enjoyable although we had expected a lot more spice and for it to pack more of punch. Maybe because we both like things spicy, it just wasn’t quite what we were expecting. However for a brand new restaurant the staff were friendly and the venue itself was nice.


🍷 Meal for 2 with bottle of wine: £47

🎉 My Highlight: The spinach and feta bourek: lovely filling with perfectly crisp pastry.

⚡️ Jane’s Highlight: The garlic sourdough dipped into the tomato sauce.

🍴 If we could change one thing…

Maybe just make the portions a little bigger and add a bit more spice!

Overall ratings:

Jane ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cand ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Restaurant details: www.losmorosyork.co.uk


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