Trying Thai at Sangthai in Escrick, York

Last month we decided to venture outside of the city walls of York, but not too far… just down the road to Thailand – well Escrick’s version of Thailand at the Sangthai Restaurant.

Eagle eyed Cand had spotted an amazing deal, where every Wednesday and Sunday evening you can ‘Try Thai’ for £20 for two people – so just to clarify this bargain – it’s a starter and a main course each, for £20 in total. Well we couldn’t argue with that for value so decided to visit one Wednesday night in September.

We arrived a little early and once we’d worked out where the car park was (all the way around the back…just head left and keep going, hoping you don’t meet someone coming the other way), we enjoyed a short stroll in the late summer sun to the bright & friendly Fat Abbot set in the grounds of the Parsonage Hotel. As a first for Foodie Friends, we both opted for a tonic water – that’s right no gin and no wine. I was driving & Cand clearly didn’t want to make me too jealous by ordering an alcoholic beverage so early on in the night.

Tonic waters and 10 minutes of gossiping later, we headed back to Sangthai Restaurant. We were shown to our table by a brisk but efficient waitress – I can only describe the restaurant itself as a bit like going into someones house.

Anyway we found the Try Thai menu to be pretty decent with about 10 choices of starters and the same of main course. As frequent readers will be fully aware, we like our food and can eat – let’s just say – well, so we did find ourselves pondering if at the bargain price of £20 in total the portions might be a bit small? Simple solution – order an extra starter.

We decided to go fully vegetarian and share the starters, opting for Spring Rolls, Pak Roum Tod (battered mixed vegetables) and Tofu Tod. Luckily we like deep fried goodness, or the only other veggie choice was a mushroom soup. All the starters were freshly made, crispy and served with a different dipping sauce. I personally loved the cripsy veg with the sweet & sour sauce, whereas Cand favoured the Tofu Tod with a tamarind and soy sauce.


For main course, I was in a curry dilemma – which colour? Green? Yellow? Red? My basic requirement was that it didn’t blow my head of with chilli so I opted for Gaeng Karee Jay, which is a classic Thai yellow curry cooked in coconut milk. Cand went for her favourite Thai dish, Pad Thai.

Whilst our starters arrived pretty promptly, we did have to wait quite a while for our main course. We weren’t really timing it but I am guessing it was half an hour or more. That said the restaurant was full (£20 deal clearly works), and as sensible Cand pointed out, we were in Escrick, it wasn’t like we were in a rush to go anyway else (I think she is referring to our usual mini pub/bar crawl, post dining out in central York).

Anyway when the mains finally arrived, we really enjoyed them. My yellow curry was creamy and lightly spiced (no fierce chilli heat thankfully) and full of tasty vegetables, including potato. There was also some tofu thrown in, which wasn’t mentioned on the menu, but luckily I like it so I was actually quite pleased. Cand’s Pad Thai was crunchy and delicious, but neither of us were convinced the salad added anything to the dish.


Overall we really enjoyed the meal, and it is fantastic value for money. The portions aren’t huge, but we certainly didn’t leave hungry. The service is pretty slow (we waited so long for our bill, we did start to wonder if we were invisible) but, hey we weren’t in a hurry.

If you’ve never tried Thai food before, this is certainly a good place to start.

🍛 Meal for 2 with a drink each: £35.40 (£20 for the food + £5.95 for an extra starter and £9.45 on drinks).

🎉 My Highlight: The crispy vegetables and dip – tempura vegetables is one of my favourite starters and this was a great selection of different vegetables.

⚡️ Cand’s Highlight: Definitely the tofu tod, crispy on the outside with a lovely tangy sauce.

🍴 If we could change one thing…
Speed up the service a bit – we weren’t in a hurry, but waiting ages for a bill you’ve asked for three times is a little tiresome.

Overall ratings:

Jane ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cand ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Restaurant details:


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