Late night pizza stop at Zizzi, York

Recently I met up with a friend for a couple of drinks at Judges Lodgings. We both decided we were peckish but having left it rather late we went for the nearest place to us that was still serving – Zizzi on Lendal. Of course I never say no to a pizza so I was perfectly happy with this choice.

On arrival we were shown to a nice table in the window, overlooking the street. We did at this point realise that there was actually only one other couple in the restaurant. However despite this the staff were nice and friendly and certainly didn’t make us feel like we were in the way which can sometimes be the case.

After a quick perusal of the wine list we went for a couple of glasses of merlot and studied the menu. It’s a bit of a tradition with us that we always order garlic bread (I think it goes back to when we started working together, garlic bread was cheap and filling) so the choice of starter was nice and simple.


Main choices were trickier. Obviously it was pizza for me and there were some lovely sounding choices. I eventually chose the classic pinoli, and my friend plumped for the pasta option titled casareccia pollo piccante.

The garlic bread arrived quickly. Oozing mozzarella and dripping in garlic the addition of caramelised onions worked really well on the tasty bread. Crispy on the bottom and deliciously soft on the top.

The mains also didn’t disappoint. They arrived piping hot and smelt wonderful. The pasta was spicy chicken which was cooked perfectly with a hint of spice, served in a creamy sauce with spinach and tomatoes. Topped with a generous sprinkling of parmesan it was incredibly moreish.


The pizza was one of my favourite combinations. Soft goat’s cheese, mixed with tangy caramelised balsamic onions, sweet sunblush tomatoes, topped off with crunchy pine nuts. There was the perfect amount of topping to base, and again the base was crispy on the bottom just as pizzas should be.


Zizzi is a lovely little chain restaurant with great food and nice friendly staff. Definitely worth a try especially if it’s getting a bit late at night!

🍷 Meal for 2 with 2 glasses of wine: £37.55

🎉 My Highlight: Garlic bread – crispy and cheesy

🍴 If we could change one thing…

Had more people in at the same time!

Overall ratings:

Cand ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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