Dinner in the dog friendly Aldwark Arms, York

Last week I was on dog sitting duty for a friend, so Foodie Friends had a furry pal to take out to dinner. Rather than go into town, we decided to head a little way out of York to The Aldwark Arms – they welcome dogs in the bar (in fact they have doggie treats on the bar and drinks – water obviously, I am guessing dogs don’t drink beer!).


The bar area is really nicely decorated with lots of comfy chairs and a sofa area, which we bagged so we had plenty of room. That was after I selected which tonic I wanted from the rather enormous range – cucumber & something I can’t remember. Even choosing a drink these days can be overwhelming – I mean who invents all these flavours? Anyway that said it was refreshing & very tasty!

So after we settled in and Bailey the dog laid down for a snooze, we pursued the extensive menu & specials board. We really wanted to order so we could chat and catch up (although we do love a good menu perusal) so we were delighted to spot it was 6.45pm so 15 minutes remained on the ‘Dine 4 Less’ deal – basically an item with a symbol is included in the deal of 1 course £10.50, 2 courses, £14.50 & 3 courses £18.50 – a midweek bargain between 5.30-7pm and reduced our menu dilemmas!

The service was excellent – there is always that worry you might get forgotten about in the bar of a pub if the main restaurant is busy but that didn’t happen at all – they couldn’t have been more efficient and friendly.

For starters I opted for Doreen’s black pudding fritters with homemade apple and cider sauce (I’ve been very healthy recently and done a lot of walking so I felt I could justify this guilty pleasure). It was delicious – two huge wedges of black pudding (possibly too large a portion for me to be fair, but I ate it all anyway) and the apple sauce complimented the dish really well.


The vegetarian starter selected was the Mushrooms on toast, which went down well, as they came in a garlic and brandy cream sauce on toasted ciabatta – what is not to like about mushrooms, cream & alcohol?


For main course, I stuck with the ‘going all out theme’ and opted for the individual Steak and Yorkshire Ale pie. Oh wow, the pie was amazing…homemade short crust pastry, delicious homemade chunky chips, fabulous fresh vegetables cooked to perfection and a little jug of gravy. It was so nice having something that was actually homemade – this quality puts the chain pubs (that charge a similar amount, if not more for a frozen & reheated pie) to shame. This is proper pub food, how pub food should be.


There was a choice of vegetarian options up on the specials board and the butternut squash curry was chosen. I have to admit I was really tempted by the curry too as (obviously) it was homemade and the menu said ‘made from scratch – our Chefs compete over this job’ – that made me really keen to try it. It was just the right level of spice and served with delicious fluffy rice.

Needless to say (as usual) we were too full for pudding but Sticky Toffee Pudding is in the Dine 4 Less deal – oh I wish I could have found room to try it if the quality of the other two courses were anything to go by.

We really enjoyed our visit to Aldwark Arms, York, loved that the food was all homemade, using great quality ingredients and of course very, very tasty.

We would throughly recommend a short trip out of York to visit The Aldwark Arms – taking a dog is totally optional of course, but they are very welcome.


This is the best photo I have of Bailey – what do they say, never work with children or animals 😃

🍛 Meal for 2 with two soft drinks (no wine – driving!) : £34 (we had the Dine 4 Less meal deal)

🎉 My Highlight: The homemade steak pie – it was the best pie & chips I have eaten in a pub for many years – maybe ever?

⚡️ Cand’s Highlight: The mushrooms on toast in their delicious cream sauce.

🍴 If we could change one thing…

Oh this is a tough one – we honestly can’t think of anything we would change, as the food, service & surroundings were all excellent.

Overall ratings:

Jane ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cand ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Restaurant details: www.aldwarkarms.co.uk


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