Top 5 vegetarian spots in York

This week has been National Vegetarian week. A week when people all around the country eat vegetarian food, proclaim how surprised they were that it’s so tasty and then promptly chow down on half a cow as soon as it’s over. Thus giving them the perfect opportunity to regale every vegetarian they ever meet with stories of how they once were a vegetarian but couldn’t give up bacon (if that’s the best you can come up with then frankly you can keep your meat, bacon really doesn’t look or smell that appetising)!

For some of us being vegetarian is simply a way of life, and not having eaten any meat or fish for around 30 years it’s not something I ever miss. Therefore to celebrate National Vegetarian Week here are my top five vegetarian spots in York*:

1. Goji20180413_141440

A completely vegetarian restaurant, they have a fantastic range of dishes with one of the best hot dogs that as a vegetarian you are ever going to get.

2. Wildes

Just because I’m vegetarian doesn’t mean I always want to eat healthy salads and sometimes you can’t beat a big burger with all the trimmings and Wildes does one of the best.

3. Wagamamas

Fresh, tasty and nutritious food with a menu that has a huge vegetarian selection with most dishes having a vegetarian option. With the added fun of chopsticks and wooden benches!

4. The Whippet Inn

Yes this is a steakhouse predominantly, however it also has a great selection of vegetarian dishes not just pasta or risotto (I love pasta and risotto but I don’t want it every time I go out!) The menu changes a lot so check before you go but if they have a vegetarian scotch egg as a starter definitely go for that.

5.20180418_195237 (1) Oshibi Korean

A late entry into the top 5 here and another one you wouldn’t think of as a vegetarian choice, yet it has some great vegetarian dishes on the menu. Again things that are a bit different including bimibab with crispy tofu.


Of course I could go on, there are some amazing pizza places in town with a great vegetarian selection and 29 States is an Indian with a difference that has some superb vegetarian dishes. Plus new kid of the block Once Across The Garden, which serves some really tasty vegan food at SPARK York.

All in all York is a great place to be a vegetarian. Do let us know if there is anywhere you think we should try!

*This week, I might change my mind next week!


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