Delicious dinner in Oshibi Korean Bistro and BBQ, York

In our quest to eat in independent restaurants, try new cuisines AND restaurants in York we have never eaten in together (see our post all about our Foodie Friends rule!), Oshibi Korean Bistro and BBQ ticked all the boxes!

Independent restaurant – check ✅

New cuisine for us – check ✅

Never eaten there together – check ✅, In fact neither of us had visited or eaten much in the way of Korean food. I am not sure Wagamamas counts!

Oshibi is tucked away off Fossgate on Franklins Yard, so once we wandered down Fossgate making a huge list of restaurants we still need to visit, we arrived hungrily at the door.


We headed up the stairs to a little restaurant with an open kitchen in the corner. Every table has a built in BBQ, although we didn’t give that a whirl what with Cand being of the vegetarian persuasion.

I’ll be honest… the menu takes some working out, but after interrogating the very friendly staff we had it sorted and decided to order one course to share as a starter and then two more as main courses to share.

To start with we enjoyed a plate of Yachae Mandu, which to those not in the know are pan-fried vegetable dumplings. Ten plump little dumplings arrived served with a light soy type dip. They were delicious – I probably could have eaten 100!

To follow I chose Bibimbap as I know it’s a Korean classic and one of the options to go with it was fried tofu which I LOVE (it’s on a par with my obsession for aubergine and avocado – not mixed together by the way). Anyway this left Cand with only a couple of other veggie options so she went for Vegetable Jeon which was described as ‘a pancake with vegetables and tofu’, so this was what we affectionately referred to as the ‘mystery dish’. The smells wafting from the open kitchen were amazing, so we were very happy when our main courses arrived again very promptly and we were intrigued to see what they were like.

The Bibimbap was in a cast iron pot and sizzling hot. It was a delicious dish of rice, vegetables and seasonings we couldn’t really place but chilli and garlic were certainly in there. The crispy rice at the bottom of the pot was amazing! But the star of the night… the mystery dish, the Jeon – just wow! It was so so tasty… I would describe it as more of a rosti than a pancake or maybe a cross between the two. It was full of grated vegetables, deep-fried and topped with crispy tofu. We’ve never eaten anything quite like it but would happily eat it again! It comes with a dish of plain rice and a range of homemade pickles.


Oh the pickles…. all homemade and different vegetables. We got to try black beans, wild garlic, kimchi and radish. All unique in taste and all delicious.



By the way not that we had any trouble with the service, but if we had, each table had a handy little buzzer to press – a nice little quirky touch. Probably very handy if you want a pickles top up!

So we left happily, having eaten some very well cooked and seasoned food. We’d love to visit again and try a couple of other dishes that are new to us (and if I am honest I would quite fancy a go at the BBQ – that looked great fun!).

On the way home, we found time for a cheeky last wine in Spark York – even though it was raining, we were so impressed. It has a lovely vibe to it and is so refreshing to have something completely different in York. We love York, love the buildings and the history but sometimes it’s nice to feel you are somewhere new in your home town. It felt like a little break away in another city. We need to go back and try some food next time – add it to the growing list.


🍷 Meal for 2 with bottle of wine: £48.80

🎉 My Highlight: The Jeon – I still find it hard to actually describe other than saying it was delicious!

⚡️ Cand’s Highlight: Having a great range of vegetarian options in a BBQ restaurant which you could fear was very ‘meaty’. Crispy tofu is always a winner.

🍴 If we could change one thing…

A bit more explanation on the menu as to some of the items – although that said, the staff were so friendly and helpful all you have to do is ask, and maybe it was our lack of knowledge of Korean food! Also there is a limited choice of wine (one red & one white) but our wine – a Chilean Merlot for £13.95 – was well priced and perfecly pleasant.

Overall ratings:

Jane ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cand ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Restaurant details:


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