Amazing value lunch in The Hop, York

Well lunch at The Hop must be one of York’s best kept secrets that I am about to let out of the bag!

IMG_0049Over at Foodie Friends on Instagram where we stay in touch with all the foodie happenings around York, we spotted that The Hop on Fossgate offers a pint and a 6 inch pizza for only £5.95! What a deal considering a soggy sandwich, can of pop and a packet of crisps (or some pre-chopped apple if you prefer 🙄) that you have to eat at your desk or in the rain will cost you £3 in Sainsbos! Fresh pizza, beer, good music, warm pub…. guess where we went?

So the deal is any pizza off the Classics menu and a pint of Yorkshire Blond or Rat Cask (or draught soft drink or any hot drink if you’re feeling the need for full focus in the afternoon!) for £5.95.

Now I’ve had a lot of Hop pizzas in my time, but usually on a Friday night when the place is rammed and you end up doing a small victory dance if you manage to get a seat. At lunchtime however, whilst not as lively, the music is still good and there were enough people for some atmosphere, but more importantly you get the pick of the seats. Yep, we got to sit at the coveted high tables without having to give people evil stares for still sitting there with two mouthfuls of beer left.

Best seats in the house secured, we pursued pizza menu. I opted for the Bosco pizza (Italian sausage and porcini mushrooms) and Cand obviously went for the vegetarian Fresca (courgette and sun blushed tomato). We were also feeling pretty hungry and yes if you are a regular reader you will know we are very partial to cheesy garlic bread, so we ordered one of those too.


Our freshly made pizzas (we know as we had a great view of the chef making them!) arrived really quickly, so this is a great lunch spot if you happen to work in town. The pizzas (and garlic bread) were hot, crispy and delicious! All washed down with a pint of White Rat and a diet coke!


So there you go, now you know. Next time we go we’d better still be able to get a good seat!

🍺 Meal for two with a drink each: £16, though it would be enough food without the garlic bread (we are just greedy) making it a bargain at £11.90

🎉 My Highlight: The thin and crispy pizza base, slightly charred around the edges.

⚡️ Cand’s Highlight: Mmmmm the cheesy garlic bread – just the right amount of garlic!

🍴 If I could change one thing… we wouldn’t change anything – this is quite simply a brillant lunch option! Although if we were being really picky maybe a real plate would be nice – unless those paper ones get recycled?

Overall rating:    
Jane ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Candi⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

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