Find out how Foodie Friends started & where we ate in 2017

In 2017 we decided to dine out (with copious amounts of wine), once a month with just one rule: We cannot have eaten in the restaurant together before and ideally neither of us will ever have eaten there.

But why? What can we say… we’ve known each other for a long time, (24 years this year!) so we have to do something to try and keep it interesting!

Seriously though… we just wanted to try new places, eat new cuisines and make sure we got together once a month for a catch up. Without this, we found months just slipped away and it could be 3 months or more since we’d last seen each other. How does that happen?

So where did we go…

January: We kicked off 2017 by giving the newly open Wildwood a whirl. As you can see we were so busy chatting, eating and drinking we only took photos of the starters & ourselves drinking wine. 


February:  We visited Ambiente on Goodramgate even thought we’d been there many times before, never together so that was ok. It was delicious! 

March: We decided to go somewhere we’d always talked about but never been, the Yak & Yeti. Wow! The most amazing curries to be had. We’d highly recommend a trip here, and we decided trying new places was definitely a good idea.

April: This marked us planning a joint birthday trip (yep for a big *cough* birthday), so off to London we went. Our top tip is the Radio Rooftop Bar at the ME hotel on the Strand. Yes the drinks were pricy, but the bar and the views were amazing (and the cocktail came with candy floss, what more could you ask for?) We ate well, dining at Wahaca in Covent Garden before going to the theatre. The next day we had a surprisingly delicious lunch at the V&A


May: We decided to try the newly opened Carluccio’s. What a fantastic building and renovation they have completed. We enjoyed a two course Italian and even rounded it off with biscuits and coffee. This turned out to be the only pudding of the year – we are clearly more about the savoury than the sweet!


June: We lacked planning skills at the start of the summer and ended up dining in Missoula Montana, which we will forever refer to as the Living Room. It was fine, as far as burgers in wine bars go. 

July: We ventured into yet another newly opened Italian, Gusto. There are a lot of Italian restaurants in York. Anyway it’s worth a visit for the truffle fries alone. Yum! 


August: So we needed to move away from the chain Italian’s and after some serious research settled on Barbakan Polish Restaurant & Cafe. It was a truly delicious meal and lovely to try some food we hadn’t eaten in York before. 


September: Sticking on the ‘let’s try different cuisines’ theme, this month we went Phranakhon Thai for some Thai tapas. This was beautifully presented, lovely surroundings and really very tasty. 


October: We went for the only curry of the year. Even though one of us (Candi) is vegetarian and India offers some of the best vegetarian food, curry isn’t her favourite. However we made some great selections and enjoyed a delicious veggie curry (Jane – I didn’t miss the meat at all!) Akbars never disappoints – not with a nann bread twice the size of your head.


November: Okay, this month didn’t really count, although we did have a quick burger in Pitcher & Piano. We were really in town to go to the cinema, to see Murder on the Orient-Express. The burger was better than the film (according to Jane!)

December: The end of the year already so we went all out, got dolled up and had our own little ‘Foodie Friends Christmas do’ in Star Inn the City. It certainly didn’t disappoint! Highlight had to be the battered potato slices with curry mayo – delicious!


At the end of the year, Cand was presented with a photo book by way of memento of our dining challenge and to record all of our great meals out. Then we started thinking maybe in 2018 we could write a blog rather than a book? Oh and why not try to visit EVERY* restaurant in York (not in a year… that’s way too much food, even for us). So that concludes not only what and where we ate out together last year, but also how the idea for this site came about and the desire to eat in every* restaurant in York came from. Obviously we were eating out at the time. Goes without saying.

We hope you enjoy reading more of our restaurant reviews as we eat our way around York.

Candi & Jane

Jane postscript: *Just to be clear we do not class fast food joints as ‘restaurants’ and I really do have a slight issue with dining anyway with less than a 4 (ideally 5!) hygiene rating. Oh and if it’s got some shockers of reviews on TripAdvisor…. we might go, but it’s probably going to the bottom of the ‘to eat in’ pile. Talking of which check out our post on all the places we are looking forward to trying in 2018


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